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Old bund in ningbo
In the evening you can visit the old bund in ningbo, one of the only remaining historic bund in China.
Yushan Islands
In the afternoon, you can go to the Yushan Islands. It is the most southeastern island of Xiangshan and the base point of China's territorial waters. It is known as the "Asia's first fishing ground". Islands and reefs spread, reefs bristly, clear water.
Moon Lake Park
Then you can go to Moon Lake Park. Park on the lake as the center, along the lake scattered placed more than 60 pieces of sculpture works, with the spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons as the theme, will be divided into four seasons pier shore, scenery is different.
Tianyi Pavilion
In the morning, you can go to Tianyi Pavilion to see. It is the earliest private library building in China, and is the oldest library in Asia and one of the world's first three family libraries. Built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, it was presided over by the resignation of the Ministry of Military Affairs, the right minister, Fan Qin. Many of the exhibition halls display books collected by Fan's family all over the world.
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